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My sister's son's came down from Dunn to visit their Grandfather and go fishing with me on Sunday.
Got through Rich's Inlet at dawn. Since It was Jason's first time out I let him choose the direction and we headed North along Lea Island. Started trolling a 00 gold and 0 silver clarkspoon along with a Yo Zuri DD.

It didn't take long.

Steady pick on Blues and Spanish. Switching out spoons it turned out they had a preference for silver with a pink insert. The bite on the Yo Zuri was hot early then died about 8am. Only had one #1 planner, so I tied a 00 silver/pink spoon on 4' of 25# fluorocarbon leader to the rear split ring on the DD Yo Zuri and it worked great.

By 8am there were a number (dozen) of trollers with most boats catching fish. The bite for us ended by 10:30 and we headed in via Masons by 11:30a. As you can imagine, tons of people/boats lined up on the sand having a great time; we sure did. Gave it a shot on the inside to no avail... Way too much traffic and a fair share of idiots. Retrieved the boat at 2.Had an early fish fry dinner and the boys headed back to Dunn



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