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Fished Upper Broad Creek off the Neuse River, on Saturday. The easterly wind was pushing the water out and seemed to have the fish looking up. Water was already below the "normal" water line evidenced on the marsh grasses. After a few fruitless casts of the sexy shad spook, a shad colored skitterwalk fired them up. Proceeded to catch short bass and rock throughout the morning, with bowfin and pike mixed in. Largest striper was nearing 30" by my estimation. Had to leave them biting to pick up the other half and kid. Just FYI for anyone interested in chasing. Bite seemed to be throughout the creek, with much more rock activity near the rebar point than further in. I did catch one striper on a white spinnerbait in the no wake zone in new bern before heading down there also FWIW. Day count probably around 10-12 hookups on rock, 15-16 on bass, 1 bowfin, 2 pike, around 10 missed blowups that appeared to be mostly rock.
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