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An email from the Neuse River Foundation:
Starting at 3:00 PM on Tuesday, June 19th, and running straight through until 6:00 PM on Thursday, June 21st, there will be a vigil held in downtown Raleigh at the Halifax Mall, which is in the middle of the legislative and other government buildings. WE NEED YOU TO BE THERE!!!!

Here is how it works...representatives of environmental groups from across the state of North Carolina will be in Halifax Mall for the 51- hours, and yes that means overnight. The purpose of the vigil is to draw some very dramatic attention to the issue of hog waste, and the direct affect it is having on our rivers, streams, creeks, air AND PEOPLE. There will be static displays that will illustrate just how the affects of hog waste are affecting all of us. There will be materials to be handed to people as they come by the vigil area. There will be signs and banners put up to draw additional attention to this issue, and we will make frequent visits to members of the NC General Assembly to present them with materials that will better educate them to the issues.

Given the current efforts currently being undertaken in the General Assembly, it is felt that this effort is CRITICAL to raise the awareness level, and get the attention of those who can make a difference. To do that, we will need a lot of support, and some time commitment from everyone who is in this fight.

In the Halifax Mall, there will be a number of tents and canopies set up to be used for different purposes during the vigil. Under the tents will be static displays, signs, materials, etc. A TV Monitor will be set up to show continuously the several great DVD productions that will somewhat graphically show just what goes on in this industry, along with other videos that help to illustrate the "people" aspect of the pollution from the hog industry. There will be printed material to hand out and "statement sheets" drafted to hand-deliver to our legislators. It will be a busy 51 hours.

Here is what is needed...PEOPLE TO TAKE AN ACTIVE PART IN THE VIGIL!!!!!! We need to have as many people participate as possible.

Starting Tuesday, 06/19, at 2:00 PM to help set up, all through the night of the 19th into Wednesday, 06/20, all through the day on Wednesday, 06/21 and through that night into Thursday, 06/21 until 6:00 PM on that day.

We are permitted to have approximately 150 people on site during the day and 20 people over night. The times we are looking for are as follows:

-Tuesday, 06/19 - 2:00 PM until 6:00 PM. This is our first exposure opportunity, and we need a lot of people to be there.

-Tuesday, 06/19 - from 6:00 PM until 8:00 AM on Wednesday, 06/20. We are permitted to have approximately 20 people on site for the overnight period. We will have a tent on site for those who want to catch a quick nap overnight, but there will always be several people awake overnight.

-Wednesday, 06/20 - 7:00 AM until 8:00 PM. A minimum of a three-hour shift during this time period is being requested. There will be a Press Conference at 10:00 AM on this day!!!!!!! -Wednesday, 06/20

- 8:00 PM until 8:00 AM. A three hour shift is being requested during this time as well. It would be best to schedule to be there in pairs.

-Thursday, 06/21 - 8:00 AM until 6:00 PM. This is the home stretch of the vigil, and there will be many who will be interested to see if we can make it, so as many three-hour shifts as possible will need to be filled.

There will be a contingent of people who will be there for the entire 51 hours, and we encourage you to do the same if you feel strongly enough o join us. But for this to be affective, WE HAVE TO HAVE YOUR SUPPORT AND PARTICIPATION!!

This is the year when this issue needs to come to an end. Many people have been working hard for years, while others have just recently gotten into the fight, but the impressive part of this is the dedication and desire for the Hog Waste issue to be put to bed. Now is when we really need you to step up to the plate. This 51-hour vigil has the potential to make a major statement about who we are and what we want. BUT IT WILL TAKE A SERIOUS COMMITMENT FROM ALL OF US TO PULL IT OFF!!!

We are depending on your passion and your drive to help us with this effort. Reply to Larry Baldwin at Please visit our new website! — Neuse River Foundation with the names, dates and time slots that you can fill. Get your members, friends, family, community members, students, kids and anyone you know who has the same feelings that we do, and bring them out to the vigil.

We look forward to hearing from you.


"51-Hour Hog Vigil" Planning Committee
· Devon Hall
· Don Webb
· Dothula Baron-Hall
· Gary Grant
· Heather Jacobs
· Larry Baldwin
· Marilyn Robinson
· Naeema Muhammad
· Rick Dove
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