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The fishing is hot! Trout, drum and flounder are scattered all over the Neuse River. AND some BIG fish too!
Had a terrible windy trip out Saturday with Bob Bruggeworth and his nephew Aric. We managed a couple of fish before the wind really kicked up – a couple of small trout and a just under slot drum.

Sunday brought a different picture – calm am waters and some top water action. Stan had first blood landing a nice 22ish rock stan top water rock W.jpg – his first out of BASS waters! We had a couple move blow ups but no eaters. On to drum, trout and flounder. Stuart Creighton picked up a nice slot drum on DOA Jerk Shad fished weedless stu slot drum DOA CAL jerk Glow Gold weedless crop W.jpg in the structure and we had several small flounder stu flounder DOA CAL jerk Glow Gold weedless crop W.jpg before calling am off for lunch. We hit the lower Neuse for the afternoon and had some nice upper slot drum 25 drum twithchin rap me W.jpg stu 24 drum DOA jerk shad gold glow weedless W.jpg and a nice trout 3lb trout deadly combo me W.jpg with Stuart (sorry MAN) having a HUGE and I mean HUGE trout throw the hook at the boat. I hope he stays where he was cause I am going back!
There is some good action going on – I am getting busy but have openings for YOU.

Just need tackle and gear – Watersnake T Motors watersnake display web.jpg – Power Poles – call me at shop. Shop has been slow and fishing more but will help you with your needs if u call.
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