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new and looking for a good area?

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Good morn All,
ok just retired from Navy and moved here from pensacola, now I am tryiong to find a area to fish in the Pamlico? I can drop the boat (18 seachaser) in Washington and start from there? So can anyone give some advise? I love to use fresh cut and live bait, will do some drift and some bottom it does not matter because a bad day of fishing is still better than any day of work!! thanks for the help
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Welcome to NC Angler! Thanks for your service to our country and congratulations on your retirement!
welcome to the website. and also thank you for you service.
Welcome to NCAngler. Anywhere from "little" Washington to the sound is good. Lots of fish on the points and drop offs along the way. Down around the salt marshes near Goose Creek and around the point to Hobboken should get you reds and specs. Cut bait and finger mullets should catch either one.
Welcome Sgraley I live in Washington and I am also learning the area. Pamlico is finiky around the Washington area because of the constant change in salinity due to run off and distance from the sound. I tend to think the freshwater mindset upriver from town and saltwater when fishing below thrailroad bridge. I havent done well and everyone tells me I need to go to Belhaven and fish from there downriver to really get into the good stuff. I did plink around near Goose creek park today just walking the shore and catch 3 nice cats over 20" a 16" Puppydrum(which I released) 3 Bream and a 24" Gar.... But the boat is being prepped as we speak so I hope to learn more this year... Hopefully we can share!!
Welcome sgraley. You have landed in a good spot for your retirement. Coingratulations.
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