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There were lots of boats - almost seemed like a boat show. There were a few kayaks and a decked out "fishing canoe". I saw some nice gear - nothing really new though. Lots of nice custom rods, plenty of lures and tackle. It was also a good chance to meet some guides and attend some seminars. It runs through Sunday at the state fairgrounds. Admission is $7 bucks - well worth it - you can save that much with just a few purchases....did I just say that - save money by spending more.... I'm starting to sound like my wife

NC & Saltwater Fishing Expo in Raleigh

But be careful, there is a HUGE tackle monkey lurking at this show. In fact rumor has it that this one is really a Gorilla versus a monkey. Oh and he has a cousin there - the BOAT GORILLA!

Had fun watching some of the kids (not all of them where the short version) catch trout in the "trout stream". Gett'em hooked young!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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