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New guy from Stony Point

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Hey all, Scott here. I've been lurking here for a bit, but overall new to the site. I really like what I've seen and hope to contribute as much as possible in the future. I live between Hickory and Statesville on a small lake called Lookout Shoals. I'll pretty much fish for anything that swims, but my favorite fishing is catfish/crappie and anything saltwater.

Look forward to getting to know each of you.
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Welcome Nuke!

I live down around the Concord area. Usually hit Lookout Shoals early spring for stripers below the dam. But like you, I'm a saltwater nut. Check out the Red X Anglers Fishing Club (under Forums). We have Meet and Greets several times per year all over the state. The boys are out at Bay River this weekend fishing for Reds, Trout and Flounder and eating like kings. Great group of guys with a lot of knowledge and the willingness to share it. And thanks for your service too!
Welcome to the site Scott. Good to have you here!:p
Welcome aboard Scott
Welcome Scott. Thank you for your service. I am of little help in your area, but if you find yourself chasing bass in High Point or at Randleman Reservoir, let me know. We have a few members from your area, so if you need local help there's a good chance you may find some input if needed.

Welcome to NCAngler!
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