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New Guy Here in Havelock

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Hey Ya'll, My name is Randall I am just getting back into fishing again since I was a kid. New to fishing in NC. I am from Louisiana, stationed in Cherry Point. My wife and kids enjoy it too so it has become a family past time we have fun and enjoy ourselves even if we don't catch anything.
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Hey Randall - Welcome to NC Angler. You are enar some great fishing grounds, hope you "catch 'em up". Be sure to give us a report when you fish - we appreciate it!
Thanks, I mainly fish here on base at one of the ponds or Solcum creek. Last night we fished on the Solcum Creek on base and My wife caught a about a 3pd 13inch flounder. I would like to find some other areas off base to go. How is the Trent and Neuse river around the New Bern?
Welcome Randall and thank you for your service to our country! ;)
Welcome to the site. There are lots and lots of posts about the neuse river on here. I don't get the oppurtunity to go down to the coast with coaching but I hear it is grrrreat.
Thanks for your service and welcome to the site.
Welcome aboard Bulldog. Thanks for voluntarily putting it all on the line to protect us and our freedom. There's alot to be said for that and thanks just don't seem enough but a lot us really appreciate our freedom and your sacrifice so that we can keep it. Now before I get all teary eyed and patriotic I got one order for ya. Get out there and catch some fish before the water gets cold! AL
Taking some time fishing with the family is great. Lots of good times to be had there. Welcome soldier.
Thanks for all the welcomes and support. We try to get out every weekend and fish depending on the weather. Trying to find what is a good bait to use in the Neuse River and Solcum Creek.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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