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Been lurking for a little while to see what y'all are catching on what bait.

Picked up a fly set after going to Boone with a buddy's gear last month and was hooked but hated that I couldn't land the bass I saw others pulling in on spinning tackle (and throwing a senko on a fly rod gets ridiculous)

Went to BPS on Saturday and picked up their $25 Ultralight rig (it's bright yellow) along with some green pumpkin magic Speedcraws.

Stopped by a private/neighborhood pond tonight and was having a good rate on the weightless wacky senko. After one guy took my worm I decided I'd try the Speedcraws I've heard so much about on here.

It was getting dark so I didn't have a ton of time but in 3 casts, I got 3 bass (biggest was only about 13" but I've never seen much bigger get pulled from here. A lot of fun on an ultralight).

You guys have me sold!
Don't tell Jerry Condrey, his head will swell!

Welcome to NCAngler, congrats on the catch
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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