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New Guy

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New to the site. Sall the booth at the expo and signed up. Ive got a Sea Fox 216 CC and a kayak so I like to fish offshore and inshore.
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Welcome to the party! Looks like you'll have alot to share with that combo!!!!!
Welcome aboard!! Let's hear about some of your Fly Fishing.
Welcome aboard maxflyguy92! Thanks for stopping by the booth and glad to have you on with us and we look forward to your participation. ;)
...Ive got a Sea Fox 216 CC and a kayak so I like to fish offshore and inshore.
It takes quite a man to span both the kayak and powerboat worlds. Or a guy with a real boat and a couple hundred bucks for a kayak:)... Hope you can maintain an "even keel" as you "navigate" the "channel" between our two communities!

Welcome to the site. Where do you do most of your fishing?
I do most of my fishing in the Topsail area. Just rigged my kayak for some saltwater fishing this winter so cant wait to try it out in some creeks.
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Welcome From Fishingbear Lets talk Topsail and fly fishing sometimes .I have 15' Jon 9.9 Merc and fly fish the back waters. Just getting started with salt water fly fishing.
Slow down fellas... I saw where he gave up his 5th amendment rights and confessed to the owning a sputterboat, but did not seem him incriminate himself as a fly fisherman. This man is innocent until proven guilty of being a flyfisherman...:)

JeffoNC - pretty sure there are no photos of me with flyrod in hand, but might be some of the sorely neglected flyrod on the garage wall...
Welcome aboard and thanks for stopping by the booth at the expo!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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