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Hello Everyone.
I just got back from a three day kayak trip on the French Broad River. What a great place. But I am a lake canoe and Kayak person so I need to sharpen my river skills. I was on the river with my daughter in a '79 Folbot Big Glider. Very stable and lots of room for gear. But I am an amateur at running rivers so I found this Phoenix Slipper in Knoxville on my way home. Thought I'd learn new skills with it. First time out on the lake, "Slipper" is the right name. It is a slippery boat. Need to fix a crack/leak in the stern. Ought to replace the torn or missing padding in the cockpit. Mike is my hero. That yellow restoration in 2009 is great. Maybe I can do that.

Fish?? The lakes and rivers ripple with laughter as the fish ridicule my attempts to catch them. I get my fish from the store. It's not so humiliating.




1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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