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New Kayak, First Fish

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Purchased a 12' SIK from a family member, who used it twice two years ago. It then sat on the wall waiting for me to show up, I guess. Best $100 I ever spent.

Took it out to Salem Lake Monday. Got push around a lot by the wind. Still learning the maneuvering of it with and against the wind. Plus I am feeling muscles in my shoulders and back that I did not know existed.

Caught this little fella on the bank with a Wacky-rigged Senko.

Good times in the new yak. Looking forward to more time in it and rigging it up to easier use.



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get you about 8 feet of rope and a decent Anchor that you throw off the back and stop you in the wind the ...wind is no problem

As far as maneuvering, I will tell you what I do. Some of it is mental as you will end up paddling the same strokes as you might approaching it differently. Anyway, adjust the foot pegs so you are in pretty solid; not jammed in but solid. When you reach out and put your paddle in the water, think of it as if it were a pole in the ground that you are pulling yourself to and as you are pulling yourself past it, push your feet towards your destination.
I recently purchased a kayak about a month ago..I took it out last week for the first time and instantly fell in love..I did notice the unusual muscles being used and I was sore for the next few days..I need the workout~
congrats on the bass!
that's one great thing about kayak fishing you can fish all day...
come home and feel like you went to the gym all day.that is a win win situation and if you catch a huge fish that even better
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That's how ya do it Marc! Now we just gotta get you on Lucas!

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