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BerleyPro is a manufacturer of specialized fishing equipment to all fisherman and which also specializes in kayak fishing modifications. BerleyPro Australia "Where We Bring The Light" Is coming to the US. The makers of the Brightest most efficient Safety Work Light for Kayaks will be bringing their product's to the US.

These products are made by fisherman for fisherman, whom have taken their love of Kayak Fishing and developed products for the enhancement of the sport. Using only top of the line materials such as, high grade Carbon Fiber, Marine grade Stainless Steel, and Marine grade cable and wiring for all its electrical components. BerleyPro is ready to "Bring You The Light". Weather fishing at night or even early morning foggy condition safety is paramount. The BerleyPro LED Light Stick gives you the advantage of keeping you safe from other water crafts as well as providing a powerful visual work light.

You will never again have to worry about looking for or reaching for a light or having to poise your head just right by using a head strap lighting devise.

The BerleyPro Light Stick along with the Railblaza mounting system has taken the Australian Kayak Fishing world by storm and is ready to do the same here in the US and the Caribbean.

Marto Gittens owner and founder of BerleyPro has blessed me with the opportunity of heading up its BerleyPro US affiliate. Along with BerleyPro Australia BerleyPro US, we will provide only top quality products, and modifications at an honest and fair price.

We at BerleyPro AU & BerleyPro US don't just make and sell the products we use them, and with that we stand 100% behind our product. At the present moment we are working on enhancing our new web-site to be able to bring you a more efficient way of learning about our product as well as placing orders. If you would like to know more please contact in Australia Marto Gittens at [email protected] and in the US contact Santiago Rivera at [email protected]

Thank you
Santiago "KayakKero" Rivera
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