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new member...i need some help

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well my names mike...

new member, not a new angler hahahah...
been fishin for a while

i love all kinds of fishin but BASS is what im after
id rather bass fish all day then catch 10 different kind of fish

well anyway

I got a question maybe yall could help me with
where do i ask questions in these forums???

is there a perticular place?
i looked... maybe not hard enough...

anyway if yall could help, much appreciated.

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Welcome to the site! Click on fishing forums at the top in blue and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click on tutorials and instructions.
Welcome aboard. We may not know the answer to questions, but we will sure make you think we do.
Welcome aboard Mike. As noted there are several tutorials on how to post in the forums, send/receive Private Messages (PM's), upload photos, etc. located here:
The forums are divided into different topic groups. You will probably be interested in the Freshwater Fishing Forums but check them all out. :D
Welcome Abaord fasterthanyou. Ask away. Everyone learns something here from the discussions that questions generate.
another bass angler.. cool!!! welcome to the site..

thanks guys... preciate it
ill go post my question then
when i find where
soo make sure u go look and see if u can answer it
We're not terribly picky where questions show up, as opposed to other types of posts... Just pick a forum that's relatively close and have at it.

A whole bunch of us keep up with the latest posts by skimming the "Recent Posts" pane on the home page -- those of us who do that will see the subject line before we see which forum category it was posted to, anyway...

Welcome aboard!!!

Welcome aboard Mike.

I like bass too - but make striped bass or black sea bass :D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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