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New River in NC

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Anybody fish the new river? I have been doing some reading on it and it sounds like a great smallie river. Any information from fellow anglers would be great. I am planning a trip sometime in the spring.
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I'm assuming by the smallie comment you are speaking of the New River that is up in the mountains and has a state park near Jefferson, NC. There is a New River on the the coast of NC too but it doesn't have smallies.
Yes that is the one up in Jefferson. I did get some state park info off the net about the river, but would like some fishing info from anglers.
I know that river is also stocked with a few muskellunge.

So don't be too surprised if a 10 pound musky takes your lure.

Other than that I don't know too much.

New River State Park is a beautiful park. You can start at the Wagoner Rd. Access and yak all the way to the 221 access, camp, then get up the next morning and yak to the Alleghaney access, then pull out and camp some more. There is also a place called Zaloos Canoes that will pick you up and take you back to your starting point for a small fee.

Sorry, Not too sure about the fishing. I only worked there for about 3 months back in '95.
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Thanks for the information rangergreg281 and gambusia. I may take a trip up this winter and just check out the river and all that it has to offer.
Ahhhh, the New River! I would love to live closer. I take my wife and kids up every year to tent camp and fish for a week. Good smallie fishing. Good numbers, but the size is better in Virginia. I fish with a Rebel Teeny Craw most of the time and catch fish good every year. The best bait is live helgramites. You can catch them by turning over rocks and find them clinging to the bottom. Takes some work to get enough for a day of fishing, but they do work good. You can also use all types of soft plastics and crankbaits. There is plenty of camping up there if you want to canoe or kayak/fish/camp. PM me with your phone# and I'll be glad to give you some more details. I know there are guys on here that know more about it than me, but I'll be glad to share what I know.

Take a kid outdoors!
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Hey there,
I have not fished the New river, YET! But I will. I am a fair smallie fisherman.
I hunt them in the Dan all the time. The one key I have found about smallies is you need fairly clear water. In the Dan River they won't bite unless it is clear. I use lots of small baits like a rebel "hellgrammite" floating minnow, and "Lews" makes a real good lure called a speed lure that the bass just adore. I know a guy that fishes the New and all he ever uses is a carolina rig with a 4 inch plastic worm and according to him ,he slays them. Of course you know how some fisherman lie. I take pictures to prove I caught it and then I let it go back, hopefully to grow bigger. The biggest I have seen caught in Dan River is 2 1/2 to 3 pounds but that ain't often. They say that is a common size at the New River.

Just my two cents, good luck and tell when you go and how you do.

Maybe a couple of you guys should get together and bring back a detailed report of fishing in the New River.:cool:

tight lines </)))))>{
Great samllie river. Have floated numerous times in the yak.
I fish the section off Big Hill Road in Todd. I fish mepps, rooster tails and natural baits (worms and crickets). If you fish natural baits use just enough weight to have them bounce on the bottom and you will catch everything in the river (small mounth, red eyes, rainbow trout, brook trout, and tons of horney heads). I have never had a bad outting on this river - even when the bite is slow. The section that runs through Todd is a great float. Never tried a carolina rig, but I will very soon.
I've never fished the NC waters, but thats only because I can be on the water in Galax Va. in 40 minutes from my house. I also like to fish the Foster Falls State Park area just off I-77 . Saw a giant muskie there last year plus walleye can be caught. In addition to the lures everyone else has recommended, try Strike Kings 3x Z-too and a prerigged lure called a Little Lucy (3 inch grub on a hook with a short leader). My favorite fishing is in September and October when the smallies will smash a silver or silver and black Heddon Tiny Torpedo ripped across the grass. If you float and are not very experienced (like me), learn your water. There is a hydraulic above Sparta river left; a rapid below Fries that becomes dangerous in high water conditions (Penitentary Shoals I believe); and numerous rock gardens, very deep holes, and ledges. Hope this helps. PM me if I can help you further.
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My wife and I have fished the New River. It is a great smallie river and the sceenery is spectacular! Spring time and late fall is the best time, but smallies can be taken anytime. Hit the deep holes and any cover(laydowns, big bolders etc) and you can catch them. there are alot of good baits. My(the wifes) preference are zoom fat albert grubs in green pumpkin, pumpkin seed and smoke, depending on water clarity. We have done well on zoom finess worms in same colors. Small cranks and spinerbaits do well also. We kayak fish. We have an Oldtown tandom and we also have two perception swifties. We also fish small lakes, ponds and some rivers here in the Charlotte area. I really enjoy this web site. Randy is great fellow and there is alot of good info on this site.

Jon M

Never had a lot of luck on New River, I do much better on the James up by Natural Bridge, although the slot for smallies has changed, I think you can only keep under 14" or over 22". Usually use 4" lizards in different colors and of course helgramites when you can find them. I also, did well last spring using a crank bait. kayaken
For Jon: I have a question about the New. I used to use a bicycle to get back to my vehicle when fishing the Potomac. From maps it looks like I could do the same on the New. I used to cable a bike back in the trees at the Take-out point then drive upstream and drift down, leave wife with the boat(s) and bicycle back for the truck. Your thoughts, please, on doing the same on the New River?
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