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I was planning on waiting until after the Raymond Wells Kerr Scott trip to start this thread but have had several requests regarding when it was going to happen. Why? Because it is one of the most popular Red X events that we have and folks don't want to miss it. Why? Because it's held in the late summer when everyone in the lowlands is miserable from the heat and this event is in the (usually) much cooler mountains. Also because the river flows through beautiful pastoral settings.
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I think this is the 7th year for this event although one year got washed out. But I'm really not sure. Why? Because I am almost as old as the river. The New River is the oldest river in the U.S. and speculated to be the 2nd oldest in the world after the Nile. Unlike most rivers, it flows South to North. Why? It was there before the mountains were.

August 7,8,9!!
Why? Late summer water levels and temperatures make floating moving water safe. The days are long and the nights are short. Also because I only have one other trip scheduled that month....

We invade the 221 Access section of New River State Park. Why? Tent camping along the river and an RV section on top of the hill for those with higher comfort demands. A nice bath house as well. Centrally located for the different floats we do, except for the Friday float because there isn't one. Officially.

The river itself is gentle with a few slightly technical sections. This time of year it's safe for any level of paddler. There are just enough 'rapids' to make it exciting.

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And best of all, it's full of fish. Aggressive river smallies are the main target though there are also red eye rock bass, occasional trout at the mouths of feeder creeks and some of the most beautifully colored bream you will ever see. Fish run on the small side in the South Fork of the New so ultra light tackle is the way to go. They are certainly feisty.

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There are several regular participants who help a great deal with ferrying yaks and canoes and paddlers around from put ins and take outs. All help is greatly appreciated. Why? We can have upwards of 30+ vessels to move around on a given day.

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This event is also noted for 2 other features. One is the Secret Friday Float. Forget about that. Why? Because there is no secret Friday Float. If there was it wouldn't be secret. Here are some guys at the put in of the non event.
Boat Plant community Plant Boats and boating--Equipment and supplies Watercraft

The other notable highlight is the Big Fish Competition which occurs on Saturday. This is a very competitive event that requires high integrity and ethics. Thorough knowledge of the Red X Tournament Rulebook is strongly advised. More on this later.

Like every other Red X event, we can't guarantee your fish but we can guarantee you eat well.
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Details on reservations and other information about the Park can be found here:

I will add, subtract and keep track of attendees on this post. I suggest tent campers make their reservations early. Why? Sleeping in your car is not fun, that's why....hope you can join us!

Big lenr
Dr. H
Judge H
Big Dave
dbeam/ the dbeam posse
Froggy Waters/Froggette
Blind Squirrel\Tammy
Yakattack Flyflinger
drifter +1
The Fiendish's


DBEAM - 23, 27
gremlinsrus - 33
Echard - 22
Foggywatters - 25
mwagner - 21
mikeski - 26
Fish_Fiend - 31
Quest4reds - 30


Friday: Secret float. 11AM departure. Bill Bledsoe Rd @ Roan Creek mouth. Drop off at put in, take dirt rd to Wagoner Access Rd. parking. We will shuttle back. You also can come directly to Wagoners and we will get you to the put in.

Friday Evening: 221 Access camp site meet and greet. On your own for supper. Trailers moved to Eds house on Weaver Rd Fri evening.

Sat: put in at 221 camp. Float to take out at Eds (Prather Creek mouth).

Sat. Evening: Official prize weigh in. 6 PM. Event HQ, 221 tent sites. Group meal.

Sun morning: break camp. Transport to Fulton Reeves Bridge. Float back to 221 for take out and departure.


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Bob, why did you go and post? You know that the judge is going to automatically disqualify the first poster for something like "excessive enthusiasm".....

The Judge will be very forgiving this year. Past violators of the Rule Book will not be evaluated based upon past transgressions. Except for maybe Ray, Gary, Darrel, Dave, James, Eddie and maybe a few others.

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Site 23 reserved, If you would like to share it.

The honeymoon couple will require a remote campsite. Besides, there will likely be all kinds of last minute fishing bums looking for a room at the dbeam pop up motel.
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