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Went out yesterday in the slayer first time in it in a month! I was going thru withdrawals lol. The place is a pond I've wanted to fish for YEARSSSSSS and I just started seeing ppl fish it so I stopped and asked if it was public now she said yep I said see you in a Lil while lol.
Got out there and started throwing a Ribbet frog and hitting the banks had several short strikes so I switched to my LuckyCraft splashtail90 in the black and yellow color and on the 10th cast there was a explosion on the pond a nice
5 1/2lbr hammered it after a really nice acrobatic show I landed the pig and I was ecstatic!!!!

Biggest bass of the year and 1st topwater I then got a really nice bream on jig and cork after that I managed 4 more bass on a watermelon seed trick worm but they where small thanks guys for reading

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