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So, I fished two new spots this weekend, Lake Glenville and a small creek in Pisgah NF(head waters of the West fork). Both were very beautiful spots but I didn't catch much at either. So, I had to go to the old reliable spot to hook into a few nice trout on the way back home. Everyone fishes the typical in-line spinners for trout, and sees a lot of lure follower's that don't take the bait. Well i've found a way to increase hits from trout on spinners by adding part of a straight tail crappie jig to one of the hooks as a trailer. The Brown's can't resist a little flutter on the backside of a spinner. I also swear by the new Bass Pro shop XPS lazer eye micro spin in the brown trout pattern and not a bad price at $2.99. ( sure beats a mepps or blue fox prices) AND the blades spin just as good….


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