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Just saying hello and giving my intro:

I'm a Marine who grew up fishing the finger lakes of NY and learned how to chase Reds and Trout while stationed in SC. After landing a few 30"+ reds, I have no intentions of going back to freshwater. The addiction grew quickly and I expanded from shore with kayaks after the first year. Since moving to NC, the kayak has sat in the garage and I finally convinced the wife to let me get a big toy and now I spend my weekends in a Bayrider 2060. Still getting my feet wet with the local marsh and creeks and have had a few ventures into the New River and White Oak. Love having the ability to fish in the morning and take the wife and the kids to a sand bar in the afternoon. Wife and I fell in love with Beaufort, SC after spending 11 years in Cali and hope to settle in here.

Joe H.
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