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New to NC and

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New to this site and relocated to NC after working as an electrician in San Diego. I am a Marine Corps vet and was stationed in the 80s out a Lejeune. Love to fish Lake Michie and really getting a kick out of fishing with Shad bait. I know alot of people stick to worms, jigs, minnows but I'm really wanting to land a big cat. 11.5 is the biggest so far for me out of Michie but I've hooked up with some beast who got away. Like fishing Jordan too but it's looking to be a crappie fest out there..
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Welcome aboard. Glad you've joined us! :cool: I moved your post to your own thread so we could welcome you. :)
Welcome to the state and the site. Glad you have joined us looking forward to hearing more Michie reports and pics of the big cats.
Thanks for your service, and welcome to NCAngler!
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Welcome and thank you for your service! I'm new to NC Angler as well. I've lived in North Carolina my whole life, but most of my experience is with saltwater fishing from when I lived in Wilmington. I'm going to try the Neuse out for some big cats next weekend probably. I'll let you know how it goes. I've caught a few nice ones on the Cape Fear when I lived on the coast... I'm hoping I can find some big fish around here too.
Welcome to the site and back
Welcome aboard
Welcome aboard.
The easiest place to get into big cats is on the rivers. Neuse and the Cape Fear.
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