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Just bought a house on Blounts Creek moving from NJ (thank the Lord) could you guys help me with the fishing? What species can I expect to encounter? distances to the fishing grounds etc. I have a 27 Ocean Master do I need to downsize or stay with that. How far of a run to the ocean? Any help is greatly appreciated. happy Easer to all He is Risen. Greg
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Welcome aboard Greg and welcome to NC! Glad you've joined us! He is risen indeed! :cool:
Welcome aboard, from another jerzey boy.
that's too large of a boat for blounts... as for target species there are trout in the winter time, red fish and flounder during the summer and striped bass all year round. white perch are also in there most of the time as well and your fresh water species like bass sunfish and catfish...

You'll want a inshore boat if you plan on fishing out of blounts. The mouth of the creek there is very shallow where it goes into the pamlico. I doubt that big of boat can navigate it safely.
Welcome to the fishing hole! He is risen indeed! :cool:
Welcome to NCAngler and to NC! He has risen indeed!
We kayak fish Blounts for Reds and Specs . We have caught LM Bass and other fresh water species too in the upper creek.We usually catch our biggest Spec Trout there in the late fall!! Rhonda caught one close to 26 inches in Dec. Areas in the Creek can be 20 ft deep but like catfish hunter said it is shallow at the mouth. Contact Cotton Patch landing on Blounts Creek, 252-946-8226. They are a great source for tackle and info...a full service marina, ask for Jim or Pam. If we can help you more just PM me .
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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