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New to NC

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Hello everyone, I just recently moved here for the West Coast and am glad that I found this site because it seems to have a lot of information. I haven't had time yet to get out and fish but am looking forward to it in the near future. Any advice on when and what should be biting around New River in the near future would be greatly appreciated.

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Welcome chadg, you're in a great place to fish , there are several members that fish that area, i fish turkey creek from time to time. i'm sure others will chime in about the new river. ............chris
Welcome Chad! Keep an eye out - lots of regulars in your area. The scales will be flying in a matter of a few weeks!
Hey Chadg - welcome to NCAngler. The New River offers some great speckled trout, flounder and red drum fishing among others. In fact I fished up here today and caught a drum and a number of flounder. You also have the beach and piers nearby.
Welcome to the board

I do a lot of fishing on the New River, right now there is some fish up hte SW creek and NE creek, the main river past the Hwy 17 bridge.

Trout mostly but a few drum are schooling and should be able to get one or two with the right baits and patience.

good luck and tight lines <*)))))>{
Welcome aboard and I hope you find good information.
Howdy and welcome.
welcome to the club chadg
Welcome! Your in a great area down that way!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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