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Greetings everyone, Was introduced to NCAngler this past weekend at the expo. Wanted to cruise around and see what it is all about. I love to fish, however it seems that I have more time to read the post of others than to get out and make history for myself. I spend most of my fishing time during spring and summer up on the James River around Newport News. Late summer and fall down around Morehead and Beaufort. Parents live down at Otway in the early 70's and was introduced to that area then. Have loved the water ever since. Only in the last 4 years was I able to purchase my own boat so I could go when I had time. First boat was an 18ft bow rider, was good for inside fishing but when the wife and daughter went with me, it got a little small. Almost need a floating trailer to carry all they wanted to carry. So I found a 20ft Trophy cuddy that has worked well for me. Well rambled enough, looking forward to enjoying this site. jimmyt
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Welcome aboard Jimmyt. Thanks for stopping by our booth at the Expo and for joining ;)
Welcome aboard. Look forward to your reports.
Welcome to the party!!
Welcome aboard! Thanks for stopping by our booth at the Expo!
Hey Jimmy, welcome to our little corner of the internet. You're not the only one with more time on the keyboard than on the casting deck, but it sounds like you've got the plan when you make the time. Hope to hear much more from you...
Welcome Jimmyt,looking forward to your posts
Thanks for giving us the once over. Hope you become a regular.
Hey there JT. I fish Morehead/Beaufort too. I almost never catch anything cause I don't have a clue what I'm doing but I love it anyway!
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Welcome to the site jimmyt.
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