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Hey Everyone, I'm Rick the mate on the Fighting Lady out of MHC. Shane told me about the site and we had the honor of taking Randy out this week. Thought I'd check it out and it looks great. Thought I'd share one of my stories from earlier this week. We've had a pretty good start this year with the BFT's. We've caught 9 and killed 7, fished about 14 days. Guess the fish gods are smiling on us. We decked a 84 yesterday and took the day off today to tend to some home business, we need to do that every once in a while but we are back at it tomorrow.

Slick calm cold in the am but got up to 69 real quick, 300 boats and 4 hookups all day. Sweat shirt weather this am and slick and calm so I'm thinking there's no way we are going to get a bite. We heard of a bite down the beach yesterday so down the beach we go. About 0700 the starboard planner does something funky and line slowly peels off the reel with 35 lbs drag, :eek:. I push up the drag and start to cranking. Something is messed up, Shane stop. As we are getting it closer to the boat I see it spinning like a king but the tail is wrong. Slap bam a 15 lb grouper in the box. Put it back out and off we go. About 0800 I'm looking out the back, like I always do, BFT:S 0700.
We circle around for about a half hour. We have NEVER caught tunas when we have seen them air out so I went up to the bridge to shoot the breeze with Shane. We saw a school of dolphin and Shane says," I wish they could show me where they are. About 15 seconds later the deep planer starts the BFT SCREAM!!
We've Been listening to how the NORTHERN boys do the job and employed it this year. You just have to have confidence in your gear I guess. Even with the hammer down it took us 45 mins to stab him. Once that was done we got 2 lines back in the water while I was getting the deck ready to bring her onboard. We brought her on and I got to cutting. I had my right arm in all the way back to her rear when I hear the Penn scream again.
is someone messing with me? Don the owner of the boat was standing at the tail of the fish when the rigger popped and WHOPPED him right up side the head. He turned to yell at the person that swung the chair when the reel kept ripping. I pulled my arm out to see what was going on, HE'S ON.
Glad we only had 2 lines out. I tripped the planer on the other line before they had it cranked in so when he got it cranked to the rubber band I had to work the scissors in to cut them. Anyway back to the fight, the fish blistered off 300 yds of line then stopped. We cranked him right below the boat. We are all thinking short fish so I wasn't going to get the POON ready GOOD BYE HE RIPPS OUT 200 Yds AT 45LBS Drag. WELL MAYBE HES A KILL FISH. We've just decked a fish that needs to be put on ice and get ready for another. Just how good can our luck be, hahaha!. Well after a few turns on the handle and a few in and outs Shane stuck the POON in his head. DONE! We put the mess back out and drag to no avail. This is more than one can hope for. Slick calm AND 2 BFT's on the deck.

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