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Hello everyone! I have been browsing this forum for the past week and just decided to create an account. I have recently started back fishing after a 4 year break while I was in college, and I just purchased a boat last Saturday. It is a 97 Astro 172 fish. I see some members fish Belew Lake, well I purchased the boat from Belew Wake Marine. I should be taken her out on her maiden voyage next week. I look forward to chatting with everyone!
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Welcome aboard and good luck with your new boat!!!
Welcome to the party!
Welcome to NCAngler and congrats on your new boat. We look forward to your reports!
Welcome aboard and congrats on college and the boat! ;)
Welcome, I have a 97 Astro 2000DC.... Another to join the Astro club.
Welcome aboard!
Welcome bass man martin, great to have you fishing with us....................chris
Welcome club Bassman Martin hope you have some fun here, when you cant make it out on the water.
A young (or old) college grad can do a lot worse with his time and money than a bass boat. I know I did... It took me another 10 yrs to fulfill the dream of boat ownership after chasing cars, TVs, houses, golf and other fish-less pursuits when I got out of college.

Welcome aboard and congrats on the new boat. I hope she treats you well!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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