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I would like to thank the creators of the site, great idea when you made it.

First of all I am from about an hour east of Raleigh little town called Goldsboro. I have done alot of farm pond fishing growing up and always for Largemouth Bass. Im fairly new to the whole Lake experience and have only done a few trips to any lake over say 80+ acres in the past few years. I would really like to get that aspect and all other traits needed to become a skilled fisherman although I certainly know how to bring em in.

I am in college at NCSU and attend the Basspack meetings which I encourage anyone to attend, good stuff.

anyways just saying hey and maybe if there are any that do the lake thing on a constant basis lemme know, i may be interested in what you have to say or taking a day trip with ya once or twice.

also lookin for an older bass boat if anyone knows where they may be hiding...lil nicer than a jon boat but certainly no brand new ranger/stratos.

thanks for looking


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Welcome JT3!

Keep asking questions, participating in discussions and posting reports and you'll get to know some folks - somebody will get you out on the water. "Out of sight, out of mind", as they say.

As for the bassboat, "we don't need no steeenking bassboats"... Come step into the light of the manpower-propelled, OPEC-insensitive, go anywhere, no rust, store-it-in-the-crawlspace, fully-pimped-out fishing kayaks. They run forever on a good plate of barbeque! Forget the BassPack, you could be the founding member of the BassYakPack... (Just a thought, and a free one at that.)

Have you done any fishing in the triangle?
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