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New to the triangle.

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Hey folks! Just moved to franklinton nc from randleman nc. I plan on fishing falls lake regularly. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I plan on going Friday May 1 and launching at Barton's creek. I guess my main goal is to see if the bass are still bedding and enjoying the day. Thanks!
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I used to live in Franklinton and still have a house there I rent out. I am up that way a lot visiting my folks too. I like Beaver Dam area of Falls. Barton is always a madhouse. Ledge rock is nice too but busy. Falls is just tough fishing on weekends period especially once the water warms up. Welcome to the site!!
Thanks! Just found the site after years of living in NC. Better late than never!
I have a Kayak, so I'll be visiting Beaver Dam as well. Thanks!
I have a 12 ft. gamefisher with a 9.9 as well. Do you know if the bass are still bedding?
Yes. It is a mix this year, spread out, so some are, some are off, and some just starting.
Welcome to NC Angler
Welcome to the site. Glad you have joined us

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