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New yakers from Charlotte

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Hello NCA folks:
Just wanted to say hello. I really enjoy all the good info. Still learning how to get around the site. I'm not a computer person. The wife and I love to bass fish and we both have yaks(I have a mainstream and the wife a perseption swifty). We fish ponds, small lakes and some smaller rivers. Have caught some really nice bass last couple of trips out. We use all artificial baits. I really like Zoom soft plastic and small crank baits. The wife likes the same but she is the top water queen! Anytime any place is top water. She is just, good when it comes to topwater. Well. keep up the good work on your site.

Jon M
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Hey Jon. Welcome to! You've already tackled starting a "thread" with your first "post" so you're well on your way to figuring out how the site works. ;) Don't hesitate to contact me via the "Help Desk" if you need anything.

BTW I like your "Fish4Him" handle. :)
Welcome Jon. I hope you'll post your Kayak experiences.
Welcome aboard to both of you. I just picked up my 'yak in April -- still learning how to catch something besides sticks. Caught a catfish in April, and on my first foray into saltwater this past weekend, I only caught one stick, two clumps of oysters, and a small shark. One of these days I'll learn how to catch something on purpose. :)

If ya find yourselves heading toward Raleigh, drop me a line, I'm always open to learning from some experts if I can break away from the grind.

I hope you find this site as helpful and friendly as I have
Welcome to both you and your wife. Haven't made the jump to a yak yet. Spent many hours in a canoe. I'm a little over an hour away, there are some nice rivers around here for day trips.
Welcome to the site. I'm looking foward to reading about some of that Charlotte area Bass fishing. AL
i made a jump into a yak once foutunatly i bounced off and he mooooed...:D seems like to much WORK row like mad to get some where and i like to advoid any thing that resembles work -even while working..

welcome to the site..

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