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1 Samuel 7:12...Hitherto (Thus far) hath the LORD helped us.

Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.

In 1 Samuel 7, Samuel challenges the house of Isreal to put away their idols and prepare their hearts unto the Lord. They followed Samuel's direction, acknowledged their sin before the Lord and sought His protection. The Lord rewarded their faithfulness, and they remembered Him with these words "Thus far hath the LORD helped us". In Hebrews 13:8, we recognize the eternal nature of Jesus Christ - he was in the beginning, is now and forever will be.

As we look back on 2007, we can see where the Lord helped us - comforting in times of pain, guiding, protecting, encouraging, inspiring, correcting and bringing together. That same God who was with us in 2007 is the God of all creation - all things were made by him and without him nothing was made. He has been a great help in the past.

He's the God of today - always available to the believer, but also the unbeliever at the very moment they are ready to meet him. I can surely say that today, the Lord is helping me.

And He's the God of eternity - He'll be there to the very end (to the extent that eternity has an "end") - unchanging, unfailing. He will be a help forever, and that certainly includes 2008.

In remembering what God has done for us in 2007, we can rejoice in knowing that he's equally with us today and he looks forward to being with us through the new year.

2007 wasn't a year of records, fame or fortune, but I count it all a great blessing and its clear that the Lord's hand was helping me throughout. Teaching, inspiring, if even just helping me learn to be content with what he's provided.

In all these things the Lord helped me in 2007 just as he has in past years, and just as he will next year. As you look back on 2007, I hope you can see where he helped you, and I hope you can remember that he's always there, always helping and will be there throughout 2008 and beyond.

God Bless and Good Fishing to all!

I have been out of pocket from NCangler the past 2-3 weeks and just now saw this. It is awesome how the Lord works that way and allowed me to read this just at a time when I needed to read it.

These are great words of wisdom that apply to all of us. Thank you for being obedient!

I hope you and all of your family are blessed in 08! As well as everyone else on the board!

Hope everyone here is well!

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