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Newbie from Smithfield

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Just joined the site and am glad to be here to see how I can improve my aspect of fishing. With that I hope to be able to share in some of my adventures as well.I have a love for the outdoors and my family doing whatever we can when we can. I stay busy through the summer and fall is when I get a little break and have become addicted to inshore salt water fishing. I mainly fish around the Swansboro and have fished a little around the Nuese. Hope to get to know any members down that way. Thanks again for having a great site.


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Welcome aboard, we are glad you've joined us. Great to see that young man outdoors. Keep it up.
Welcome! There should be a good deal of people out that way. I am still a salty myself at heart, but I do most of my fishing around the triangle due to location.
Welcome aboard. There is few of us from the 3 Oaks and Stump and Circle City area.
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Welcome to the site!! Lots of inshore fisherman on here including us! Just ask if you have any questions!!
Welcome to the site. Good to see another from the area.
Welcome aboard
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