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No luck from the bank.

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Fished the banks all day. Got out around lunch time.. Started on new River, then Tried swansboro and even did some surf fishing around bougue and then ran over to the ICW side. All with no luck tossing zman, gulp and 17MRs all day. Not even a bite. Talked to several guys coming off the water who said they had no luck either. Some ladies from the fisheries were in downtown swansboro when I was leaving, doing some surveys.. Anybody else met them?

We'll see what happens tomorrow. May focus on the topsail area.
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I saw a guy carrying a trout to his truck the other day as long as my arm, VERY close to where you where today.
I kinda left that a mystery.....PM on the way.
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Keep at it Andrew, they'll start biting eventually.
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