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No luck pier fishing Myrtle Beach last night

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Fished 2nd ave pier at Myrtle Beach last night for 4 hours and did not get a bite, I saw one fellow catch a flounder and another a mullet or 2 but the fishing was pretty much terrible. Used fresh shrimp, fish bites and cut mullet. Lost two rigs to the bottom so I did catch a few rocks. Tuesday night as a pier visitor/walker I saw several catches of mullet and spot but last night it was like someone turned off the lights. Funny how things change so quickly. Its just not pier time yet I'd say.
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it is the pressure flux from that tropical storm offshore. It is amazing how animals sense subtle changes like that.
A quick note on Myrtle Beach fishing. There is a lot of marl bottom there. If you are fishing over that stuff you won't lose as much tackle using bank sinkers. Even less if you use a lighter line to tie to your sinker. Just make sure it is heavy enough not to break during the cast. (That could be dangerous to anyone nearby.)
Thanks Sinker Man, I like the light line tied to the sinker idea. Better to lose just a sinker than a leader, 25 yards of line, hooks and bait.

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