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Nice to meet everyone,

Names Kong (Greg, Dekelor, whatever just don't call me late for dinner!).

Been in the New Bern area, just looking for some people around the area to go fishing with, perhaps even hunting, camping, etc.

Submitted a post in the "meet and greet" about my experiences and a little about me so won't go into that here.

Kinda hoping to find people who just plain enjoy the outdoors, wouldn't mind having me tag along or heck do a "family trip" even sometime when we get to know each other better. Reason I say family, well, I"m a father of two kids and married, and we all enjoy the outdoors! Would be nice to have other nice families who enjoy the same thing to be able to share stories, hang out, go fishing or whatever. Seems like it's been a pain to find those folks around here in person (other than the people who work at the stores).

So any people around here in New Bern looking for fishin'/outdoor buddies? I don't have a boat, but heck sure wouldn't mind being able to join someone on one some time either, but no boat's necessary of course. Yes, I'm not gonna lie, I only know pretty much some "book-smarts" stuff on it all since well heck, never had a mentor growing up and honestly, never really had a chance when I was younger to go out fishing/hunting (loooong story).

And if no one's looking, well maybe some people know some good tips for catching some of the fish around here? Think on the line of "helping to fill the freezer" rather than "just going to do it casually" when it comes to me and the outdoors. Yes I do enjoy a good catch and release just like anyone else, but nothing beats being able to come home and feed the family with that day's catch or hunt!

Again, pleasure to meet you all, hope to meet some people some day face to face some time!

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