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not about fishing

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Well it is about hunttind!! I have more places to hunt deer than I ever use, But I am looking for some places to Bear hunt all so for wild pig.One grandson wants to go bear huntting ,He is 10yrs old ,last year he got to deer missed the 3ed one.also 1 turkey.If there are game lands some place I can take me and him on ,that may better our odds.Let me know,Thanks
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I know of 1 public area, not too far from you, that has feral pigs. The people I know that have hunted them have had the best luck with dogs. Shoot me a PM if you want more info.
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Thanks will do.This year I am going to take Decoedia with me,this year when I go huntting.Start teaching him.How to look for sighn where to set up at and how to track!!
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