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So me and Ms.PGARICK hit the ICW late morning. Went to location #1 and the bait fish were in thick and jumping all around. Tide shifted and was inbound.
I tossed top water baits for a couple hours, nothing but short strikes. I had nothing for these fish in top water, time to switch it up.
I went to my popping cork rigged with a DOA 4" white shrimp/chartreuse tail, BAMMMM!!! But not what I expected. First fish landed was a 23" flattie, yayyy, finally something boated.
A little bit later a 21" flattie was landed. So my popping cork appeals to the flat fish as well.
Things slowed down and we moved down to Jinx Creek. I tossed a cast net for live bait, loaded up and switched to a Carolina rig and proceeded to catch rays/sharks.
Storm moved in and we loaded. Two keepers, filleted them up and put on ice.

Hoping for a more productive day tomorrow
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OK!!.....................405 post in as little as a monthish.....dude, you are infested with the fishing disease!!! Calm down before you get divorced :D!

Awesome report and keep them coming.....oh "flounder master you are" :)
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