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Got out with my buddy KC for the first time this year as he's been working 6 days a week selling boats. Launched at 9am with calm winds and cloudy skies and several porpoises hunting breakfast at ICW / Nixon Channel. I hadn't been out for 12 days and was anxious to get a line in the water. Motored into a nearby creek that's been productive for two winter seasons. Set up across from an oyster bar with a nice saddle that focuses the current of a falling tide. Textbook. And although fish school, it's appearant they don't read. KC even tossed out Harris Teeter shrimp. Not even a nibble.

We gave that first spot about 30 minutes then dropped the trolling motor in and covered water. Slime season is definitely in full swing. Looked hard in the shallows for gaps in the slime as conformation of a school of reds rooting around but it was one big pasture.

Switched to deeper water and caught 3 rat reds and one 21" slot red that was real skinny. The reds liked Bass Assassin Texas Roach and Chicken on a Chain. Caught 3 spikes on a Halo Shad. And that was it.

As bad as that blew away that Halftime Show! What was that? And that last play call? Somewhere Woody Hayes was laughing "...when you pass, 3 things can happen and 2 of them are bad."


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