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Novice with a question here...

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Assuming we get some rain this fall, will the cats start hitting the creeks feeding the lake? I'm assuming the rain will bring in some cooler temperatures and more oxygen. Also guessing it will wash some bait fish down??????
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OH YEAH!! when the rains come fish the areas where creeks feed into the lakes. Try to stay on the edges of the current and muddy water. Imagine you were a fish hanging out to grab a tasty grub the water has washed by or to feed on little fishes feeding on stuff... Where would you be to be first in line but not having to swim hard to stay there..? That's where you'll find the fish..
What is rain? I've been hearing that word lately..... but I can't remember what it means. Does it have something to do with history?:rolleyes: Sundrop nailed the answer to your question. they will go to the place where they feel that they can get the most food for their effort. That may be a little ways up the creek or just below the mouth of a creek.
It's going take a lot of rain to start some of these creeks flowing again.
Don't let him fool you guys.. that bear is smarter than he looks :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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