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The family and I are going to be in the OBX, Kill Devil Hills, Nov 7-15 for the Southern Fried Half Marathon. We want to do some fishing. Never really been to OBX before, never really been pier fishing at ocean either.
Would like info on baits to use, best piers.
Plus looking for some inexpensive/reasonable places to eat some really fresh seafood and steamed crabs

Thanks in advance

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Its off season when your going to be down so you should find a reasonable place to stay pretty easily. The thing is- call around because not every place is open that late in the year. Same way with some restaurants- some close for the Winter months. Your going a little late for the best pier fishing . Best bet would be maybe a Striper, trout , bluefish. Live bait then will probably be scarce so I'd think maybe some mullet ( frozen ) and 4 inch curly tails on 1/4 to 3/8 jig heads. If your in the surf that will probably not be enough weight- depending on the wind. The Black Pelican is a good place to eat- we were there Thanksgiving weekend year before last and they were open.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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