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Ocean Isle Beach

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I will be @ my inlaws house in OIB Memorial Day weekend. Looking forward to my first Saltwater Kayak fishing experience in the marsh behind ocean isle. I have fished from the beach and caught everything from spanish to blues to flounder to mullet to sharks to skate to ladyfish. There should be a lot of stuff rolling in. I plan on fishing in my kayak from the beach for spanish/blues. I will be putting my "boat" in the water from the beach or a small beach on the sound side behind the house. Not sure how much free time I will have with the a newborn child, but I am going to try to maximize every spare second fishing. If anyone w/ a kayak is in the area and is interested in meeting up, I will be there from Fri (5/25) - Wed(5/30). Shoot me a PM and I can give you my number. I will be going for Reds, Specs, or whatever else may be biting.
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please post a report after your trip. i'll be in OIB later this summer with my kayak looking to do the same. it'll be my first trip to that area. thanks for any details. // joel
I'm running down on Saturday myself. We'll be staying at the Ocean Isle Inn.
Be careful out there in the salty...LOL :eek::D
Any one headed down July 22? Ill be there then for my first saltwater fly fishing attempt! Also, I buying a cheap inflatable (can't break the bank) to get into those creeks and I hope it holds up in there! Let me know if anyone wants someone to fish with but I am a beginner at saltwater fly fishing so be warned..
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