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Ocean isle fishing spots

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Going to ocean isle the end of June, not able to take my boat. Still going to try some surf fishing. Just wander if any of you guys know some good spots on the waterway side and if the bite has been good lately? Thanks.

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I will be at my family's place the 20-28. Where are you staying?

Surf fishing is pretty tough but if you get out to tubbs inlet early or late you can catch some fish.
We are staying north of the pier. I saw where you can go to the north end and it looks like you can park and fish off a pier on the waterway.

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There is a public pier at Ferry Park. You can also access the waterway under the bridge during low tide. Someone can drop you off at the Eastern end and you can walk all the way around to the waterway. Rent a kayak and you can extend your time in the waterway. There is public access to the beach on the Western end but it’s quite a walk around to Tubbs Inlet and if you are not careful you will get cut off by the rising tide.
If you go to Sunset Beach you can park on their Eastern end and fish Tubbs. You can check out Sunset’s Western end at Bird Island for places as well. Good luck.
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