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Spent Memorial weekend in Ocracoke. Absolutely beautiful weather. Fishing was good. Sandflea's had just started to come out. We had to dig around quite a bit to find them but it didn't take long. Wouldn't be surprised if they are all in the surf with this weather we've been having. South end was crowded with beach goer's for the holiday weekend. Mainly fished the middle of the island. Try Ramp 67 and go left, some real nice water there.;)
We filled a cooler with Whiting and Pomps using the flea's. Caught some short flounder. Water was extremely clear, never could get a drum to bite. Tradewind's had fresh bunker, mullet, and shrimp. But all our fish came off flea's. Couldn't get a bite on the rod with the cut bait.
Have a good weekend. Love that place.

Nice cut in the bar that we were fishing.

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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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