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I tried something different today and went out of Ocracoke instead of my usual Beaufort Inlet. Went out to AR250 and trolled for about 2 hours. Nada. Went out a bit further. Nada. No birds, no fish, just lots of flat water. Went back to the reef & bottom fished for 2 hours. Nada. Decided to go back to the inlet. Loads of bait in the water; did some chumming, bottom fishing with menhaden and mullet - nada (two small sharks that don't qualify and a nice sea mullet, which we took home but I don't count). Then tried trolling live mullets - nada. Switched to plugs, and in 20 minutes we had two knockdowns and one cutoff. Boated a short king a few minutes later and then a 15 lb. keeper shortly after that. Not a good day, but we were not skunked either. Passed over LOADS of marks during the day, but they all seemed to have lockjaw.

I was out 10 miles from the inlet, but no mahi. Anyone tell me how far out of Ocracoke I've got to go for Mahi? I was in 80-90 ft. of water.

The water was flat early in the morning; late in the day the ride through the Sound was a bit bumpy.
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