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Got a question.. I thought I was half way internet savy..:eek: but I'm in the search for Cub Scout uniform online for my boy. Been lookin everywhere, but lot's of sites that pop up this that and the other,, everything basically than what we're looking for.

Question is.. anyone have a good source/link for purchasing Cub Scout uniforms online?
if so, can you point me in the right direction with a URL?:confused::eek:

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Took me just about the same amount of time, Mike....
Dave -- I googled Boy Scouts of America, then took the "family" link under Cubs, and then "Scout Stuff".

(I always start by googling the name of the organization rather than assuming, for example, that they're the ones that own '', just to avoid the near-miss sites... Trust me, you don't want to guess wrong about the URL for one particular big outdoor-sports retailers...)
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Thanx guys... a few sites kept taking me to Target store online then the pop ups over-ran my blocker... and I found everything from slacks, shoes.. pretty much everything but Cub Scout uniforms! ha ha ha haha....

I'll give it a shot here in a few.. thanx! :D
Yup, that's exactly what I needed.. thanx guys!!! Now to get this little "Tiger" outfitted! :)

TigerCub Uniform Order Form
If you can't find any help online, there is a scout store in Raleigh off Atlantic Avenue. Getting your son involved in Scouts is a great decision by the way. I'm very glad I did it.
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I with you crappie89 on the scouting! I didn't get involved in cub scouts but when I was 11 a friend invited me to Boy Scouts - I stayed until I graduated high school, even went to Explorers when I was old enough. I still use many of the things I learned then and still have many fond memories.

Then when my son was old enough, we got him into scouts and I became an assistant scout master. Again, another great experience. Scouting is a great program!
At the time, the Scout camping trips were my pressure vent. Always loved those trips, and they taught me a lot about being self-sufficient. If you're out backpacking and you forgot to pack gloves, whining won't do you any good -- you forgot 'em, you deal with cold fingers.

In hindsight, I wish I'd have paid more attention to advancement. I never made Life or Eagle. When I saw all those checkboxes on the college applications, I sure wished that I'd have been able to fill that in.

Today when I see an Eagle scout, I see a guy who can motivate himself to do things that nobody's standing over him, making him do it. That's why I couldn't pull it off -- for a variety of reasons I could not make myself do it.
I wish I had joined. When I was coming through living in germany (military brat) these organizations were uncool to be associated with them. I now see many areas that sports did great things for me but I see where these would have done the same.
The Boy Scouts is a great organization. I joined when I was 11 and finally made Eagle just before I turned 18. I learned many valuable things from scouting that I still use today. And one thing I REALLY like about the BSA is they won't back down to political correctness. They've been taken to court because of having "God" in their pledge and not allowing homosexuals. They refused to back down or change their pledge or stance. They won both times. We need more organizations and leaders like this.
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