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Headed to the Rise at 5:30am with a great crew and had lines in by 7:30am after nice ride out. Trolled out to 50 fathoms and had 2 lines scream with 2 nice yellowfins. 30 minutes later we had a big tuna at the boat 42 lbs. Later on we caught a nice wahoo, 36lbs and then the seas started getting rough. Started trolling north and we had a Tiagra 30 start screaming. The tuna almost spooled us, in fact I had to back down the fish to keep that from happening. Got him to the boat a couple of times just out of reach from the gaff. As happens when a fish is in the water that long the fish won. It was the biggest tuna I've seen, had to be 70+. Oh well, what a fight and we got a great look at the fish as it rolled on top behind transom. As mentioned in other posts the weather turned nasty and we headed home at 2pm. Took us 2 and half hours to get home, still a good day on the water.

A couple of nice tuna

Nice wahoo

Four fish and box is full
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