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Outer Banks fishing the first week of June

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Hey guys,
Brand new to the forum from East TN. We are taking a family trip to the Outer Banks in a couple weeks so I wanted to see if anyone had any recommendations on inshore charters. We are staying in Kill Devill Hills but I am fine driving either direction as needed. I am hoping to get the wife and daughter to go along as well. I have been on the headboats before in other places and am not really a fan of those, so looking for a small 3 person charter for a 1/2 day trip.

Any particular boats that you guys recommend?
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Don't know about charters, but when you are on the beach fish the ditch that forms right where the waves break close to shore, usually some fish in there. I like to use a curly tail Gulp with a nice heavy jig head. Walk the beach at low tide and look for sand bars extending from shallow to deep, and fish all around those during higher tides.
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