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Had election day off from work, so after I voted I had to put the kayak in to get on some fish. Fished for about 3 and 1/2 hours and it turned into a great day.

Caught several trout in the 18-22 inch range, and decided to keep two of the bigger ones to eat. While searching for trout the reds showed up. Landed 5 reds, 3 were in the slot, 2 were over slot, all released. One of the over slot fish is pictured. Was a battle on my trout rod, and after some TLC the big reds swam off strong.

All fish caught on ZMAN soft plastics during high tide.

(Also, my Jackson Cuda which is pictured, is still for sale if you'd like a GOOD deal on a well-used high quality kayak. Obviously I still fish from it, but I'm a motivated seller. Contact me here or PM me for details) :)


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