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Painting Poppers with a Copic Maker Set

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At last week's Fly Tying Forum, our tyers learned some airbrushing techniques using a Copic Marker system. We average around 20 tyers at each one of these monthly sessions at the Pechmann Center. Each month, we select a category of flies to tie 2 different patterns and instruct the participants in completing these flies. Tools and materials are supplied in each session. The attached pictures are some of our participants at work building some poppers.

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Great looking work with the Copic air brush. That is something I've been thinking about, but haven't quite made my mind up. This helps.
Too bad you weren't at the class. We had over 20 tyers all had a great time. Next Fly-tying Forum in on August 28th and we're planning to tie a couple of patterns using Flymen Fishing Company Sculpin heads.
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