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Well, I have to say I am very impressed with my wife today! She woke up at 3am to go fishing with me today, She caught her first flounder!!!-(to small to keep) And then.... I was really surprised that once we got home she said lets go out to reservoir and fish some more this afternoon!!! Of course I obliged her!!!(Didn't catch anything) :D Not sure if she is trying to butter me up for something or not... It may be working...;)

Anyway, the report for today:

Got on the water around 6am, fished up until about 12:30pm
Caught 8 flounder, 6 small, [email protected] 18 1/4", [email protected] 15 1/2"
Went through around 15 gulp baits do to missed hits and possibly pin fish/crabs.
Caught one decent Rock fish(striper), probably 20" or so, didn't measure
The fishing was a little slow. But I had a blast seeing my wife catch her first flattie and hooking into a few others that she didn't manage to get to the boat. (I'm trying to teach her to not "freak out" and to set the hook good then keep the line tight) its a work in progress but it looks promising!!!
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Congrats on the good fishing, and hats off to your wife for hanging in there like a champ to get her first flounder. Sounds like a great day of fishing!
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