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Pamlico report

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Found one this morning. That sounds slow right?

Fished a pamlico creek this morning. I started fishing the back of the creek at first light. It was slow - baitfish activity but nothing big doing anything and I got no bites. I was on a search and destroy mission for something on top water.

After an hour or so I moved to the front of the creek near the river mouth. After a couple of casts I got a blowup and missed. That gave me confidence so I kept casting. A few casts later I got a big hit and hook up.

I immediately knew this was a big fish. I feel the head shakes so I thought it must be a trout. My drag wasn't making any progress so I just let it run. I pointed the tip down to the water and that fish took off. I finally started to make some progress and got her close to the boat. She was having none of that, and headed straight for the bottom. My rod was bent double and the fish was buried under the boat. "Please be hooked solid- please????"

I wrangled her to the surface and after a poor first attempt got the net solidly underneath. I could easily tell this was the biggest trout I'd ever caught- 24" on the nose.

The picture doesn't do any justice. I had a few more half hearted short strikes and the bite shut off when the sun cleared the trees. I ran out of time so I never tried any subsurface lures. I caught her on a spook jr that looks like a speckled trout.

Not bad for a one fish day.
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Nice job. I could hear the drag while reading your report.
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Love the Trout pattern Spook Jr. That was the first topwater lure I ever purchased and by far the most productive for me. Good job on the catch. Can't wait to give it a try this weekend.
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Nice way to start ANY day... Awesome Fish!!!
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Pretty trout. Thanks for report.
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