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Pamlico/tar River

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I'm not a yak'r, but I thought it might be of interest to those who are that the Pamlico/Tar river here in Washington NC looks like a great place to fish in one. There are many little tributaries and islands up and down the river and many great places to get in and out of the water. Fish species are plentiful since we have a feed of fresh and salt water (brackish) so you can catch a Crappie and a Flounder on the same trip... ( I know, I've done it within 5 ft of each other!!LOL) We get Stripers here too and that would have to be fun!!
We even have a little place that has opened that caters to Yaks and also rents them as well as has tours. When I remember the name I'll post it...

Just something I thought I'd share..!! :)
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